Entertainment Law

Charlotte Towne, P.A. is an entertainment law firm that is devoted to Growing Stars℠.   

Entertainers and artists start their businesses from a dream.  Charlotte Towne, P.A., helps our clients turn that dream into reality by providing the legal tools to guide and protect them.

If you are a musician, actor, performer, model, artist, writer, or in the entertainment business of any kind, it is important to find an entertainment attorney early in your career to advise you during each step of your path to stardom.  

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Our entertainment law practice is full service.  This means we review, draft, and negotiate contracts as well as represent our clients in litigation matters. 

Charlotte Towne, P.A. practices the following areas of entertainment law:

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Music Law
  • Counseling and Representing Songwriters, Producers, Record Labels, Publishers, Managers, Agents, Dancers, Singers, Musicians
  • Copyright Registration
    • Sound Recording Copyright, Musical Composition (Music and/or Lyrics)
  • Trademark Registration
    • Company Name
    • Band Name
    •  Stage Name
    • Logo
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • Collaboration Agreements
    • Co-Writer Song-Split Agreement
  • Samples/Sampling Licenses
  • Music Publishing
    • Songwriter Agreements
    • Co-Publishing Agreements
    • Publishing Administration Agreements
    • Mechanical Licenses
  • Registering Songs with Performing Rights Societies (ASCAP and BMI)
  • Music Distribution
  • Record Label Contract
  • Record Label Royalty Accounting Demand Letters
  • Production Company Contract
  • Music Agent/Booking Agent Contract
  • Music Management Agreement
  • Album/Website Artwork Contract
  • Band Partnership Agreement
  • Music Business Formation (Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Joint Venture)
    • Record Company
    • Production Company
    • Production Company
    • Management Company
    • Music Agency
    • Entertainment Booking Company
    • Talent Agency
    • Online Distribution Comapny
  • Studio Musician/Vocalist Work-For-Hire Agreement
  • Endorsement Agreement
  • Film/Television Music
    • Synchronization Licenses
    • Master Use Licenses
  • Music Videos
    • Model Release
    • Location Release
  • Merchandising Agreement
  • Product Placement Agreement

Film and Television Law
  • Counseling and Representing Production Companies, Above and Below the Line Talent, Actors, and Writers
  • Idea Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements
  •  Liability Protection Against “Idea Theft” Claims
    • Studio Submission Release Forms
  • Life-Story Rights Agreement/Depiction Release
  • Publicity Rights (Name, Likeness, Image) Release
  • Film Location Agreement/Release
  • Poster/Artwork Clearance and Release
  • Literary Acquisition Agreement
  • Talent Employment and Work-For-Hire Agreements
    • Writer, Actor, Director, Producer, Below the Line Talent, Extra
    • Extra Release
  • Film Music
    • Master Use Licenses
    • Synchronization Licenses
    • Composer Agreement
  • Writer Collaboration Agreements
  • Film Acquisition/Distribution Agreement
  • Talent Agency Agreement
  • Talent Management Agreement
  • Copyright Registration
    • Script
    • Film/Motion Picture
  • Trademark Registration
    • Company Name
    • Stage Name
    • Logo
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement Litigation
  • Guild Compliance

Theatre Law

  • Counseling and Representing Producers, Stage Venues, Production Companies, Actors, and Crew
  • Production and Co-Production Agreements
  • Booking, Touring and Presentation Agreements
  • Investment Agreement
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Formation
    • Bylaws
    • Operating Agreements
  • Rights Acquisition, Development
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Enhancement Money Deals
  • Structuring Financing and Production Entities
  • Rights Audits
  • Cast and Crew Agreements
  • Facilities Agreements

Art Law

  • Counseling and Representing Fine Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, Illustrators, and Art Galleries
  • Copyright Registration
  • Art Consignment Agreements
  • Commissioned Artwork Agreement
  • Photographer/Artist Model Release

Fashion Law
  • Counseling Designers and Models
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark Registration
    • Company Name
    • Logo
    • Trade Dress
  • Design License Agreements
  • Copyright and Trademark Litigation
  • Model Release
  • Spokesmodel Contracts

Literary Law

  • Counseling and Representing Writers
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Literary Agency Contracts
  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Assignment
  • Commissioned Works Agreements
  • Work Made For Hire Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Photograph Release
  • Editor Agreements

Cyberlaw/Internet Law/E-Commerce Law
  • Counseling and Representing Web Site Owners, Designers, and Developers
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance Agreement
  • Web SiteTerms of Use
  • Web Site Privacy Policy
  • Web Site Design Copyright Registration
  • Domain Name Cybersquatting Litigation



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