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About The Firm

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Charlotte Towne Law provides creative business and entertainment law services to clients in a broad range of industries including music, live performance, film, food and beverage, tech, environmental and ocean conservation, fashion, health, leisure, amusements, fitness, toys, beauty, record labels, reality television celebrities, athletes, singers, rappers, producers, photographers, artists, performers, influencers, digital agencies, and content creators.

What We Do
In A Nutshell


File trademark and copyright applications to protect and secure clients’ valuable intellectual property rights. 


Prepare contracts needed to protect clients, clearly memorialize understandings between parties, secure rights, and minimize liability.


Set the record straight on common legal misconceptions and misinformation (or lack of information) that can have negative consequences without accurate awareness and understanding.


Enforce and defend our client’s rights in the event of a breach or infringement.


Give legal advice, prepare contracts, and handle copyright and trademark matters for business owners, brands, influencers, innovators, and creatives.


Charlotte is professional, kind and does an outstanding job of boiling down information into something we can digest.


Our work helps you secure your brand from copycats and pirates. Curious what might be in store for your record label or creative business?

Who Are Our Clients

We represent start ups, established small businesses, large companies, enterprises, individuals, famous influencers, and celebrities who desire to:

Charlotte Towne Law

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